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do ya know bout asuka? :)
Thursday, March 12, 2009 | 4:57 AM | 0 comments

heyaa ~!
still with me, dindaaa xD [you can call me rin-chan ! yesyesyes i am :p]

[rin chan = she is asuka's love xDxD]

heheho ^^

well, i just want to tell about Asuka in Dr.Rin Anime ^^
i love it sooo xDD
more than another anime :p [bcoz asuka is tooooooo handsome ! wawawaw]

wew, i want to tell lil bit bout asuka ~!

He is my favorite-anime idol ^__^
his power is Seiryu xD . his hair is black-greatest black lagh~
he loves meirin TOO MUCH . aawwrrr x*(
i believe , his smile can heal ta frozen heart (like me yaa o.o)

yeaa, in my original layout now, you'll see ta boy 4 frm d left ! nyahahaha [frm yer position i means :p]

seiryukyuu sayaangg~ :))

Asuka Koichi, Ma BELOVED prince xD


two words ; one symbol :



bcoz asuka is seiryu, yeaa , i ♥ seiryu too ^^
and today, i find one website that's really make me uncontrollable about ma disease [kinda?] about ASUKA !!!

[going to crazy world ^^]

yeaa . bye*
take care all =) . i'll miss yeu all . i'll get mathematic test about triangles =(

hatehatehatehate it xo