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random facts about my sista, my mom, and me
Wednesday, November 18, 2009 | 3:27 AM | 0 comments

hell-o all my blog reader :) love to contact with you agaaaain! huaaa, i really2 dont have time for updating my blog :( huhuhu. anyway, i'll tell something about my daily life with my bloved sista. yeah, you know who, DITHA. love her damn muuuch! she's so awful, and always cheer me up, and never leave me alooneee. hehehe.

love this glasses. we both loves collecting glasses, from cheap - expensive :) hmmm, but this glasses kinda old yaaa, sounds weird, hehe. i have 5 kind of this glasses. hehe. my sister really - really loves fashion. she's all out of fashion. and i love her style. she loves photography too. and also shopping. she's very crazy when shopping time come. she loves my mother style. my mother in young time, she's craaazyyyyy about fashion, and kind of smart girl, she's never got remidial (AWFUUUUL raawwwr ! different with meeee -.-). she's fashionholic. although now my mother already older, she's still shopaholic. she loves to spend money for shopping. that's all makes me happy, because she's style really good, and i'm really worth it. in past, my mom already have big glasses, she's bought it in Paris, awwwwwww that's cooooolll! until now, it's still good at all, and sometimes i borrow it,hehe. my mom is fun. she loves baskin robin's tart. every bday party, we must buy baskin robin's tart. that's tradition :p hahahaha. yeah, that's some fact about my sist, my mom, and me. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all blog's reader smooooch*


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