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what i adore now ♥♥
Thursday, November 5, 2009 | 12:05 AM | 0 comments

hmmmm... i really really hate this situation now. now i'm almost 14th years old, and that's mean i'll be 9th grade JHS student.
i really hate that :( i must study and study with thick book everydays.
and i must stop messing around with my stupidity. I'll miss it damn much. huh.

but, ever you know about lil monsters strories? thats all cuteeeee, and i very very loves it. i loves drawing manga, and also coloring it in photoshop, but i dont know is it good or bad :P
but not for now, i really loves doodling monsters NOW! its really really charming and also fun. i feels kinda bored with manga. it sounds lil bit childish, and when i want to use it for my daily inspiration, its kinda hard. but, if i draw monsters, probably, its easier. i loveee animal printed, but not the original kind of animal printed (that's forbidden and protected by PETA).
ah, and i really loves ecletic and mixed with vintage. its sounds lil bit common and classical, but, i want to change my daily style too ;p

LOL, ok this is little bit of my rough caricature when the teacher is "blahblahblah" at classroom :P
yeah, i like this :)
simple, something unique, bold, and real.

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