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addiction to pet society ♥
Saturday, December 26, 2009 | 6:19 PM | 0 comments

hey all, i really really fallin in love with Pet Society on Facebook :) hahahaha, well, but now, the internet goin slowly and sucks =.=" THEN, the pet society is goin terrible from one day to the next day GRRRR Photobucketthat's why now i often feels B-A-D-M-O-O-D! i don't know ya, perhaps my modem goin shitty too because i can't login into my wattpad account (with right password eurgh) wew, at least, i really miss my beebo, my virtual pet @ pet society. here some photos of my beloved beebo's collection >.< here! waw, beebo so cute and pretty peep :3 with christmas festive costumes lols. i love the curly blonde wig that's suitable for pet, that's enough pretty and unique. ah and i also fallin in love with the big red-ribbon on the tophead of beebo's, mukyaaaaaa >w< Photobucket :

wew, same as christmas-deer, i love this costume too, hahaha. redwhiteredwhiteee! and look! how funny the glasses >.<