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Sunday, January 17, 2010 | 11:34 PM | 0 comments

hellaaaaaaaaaaaaa-wwww :)
today i wanna post something about my boring time when i got snapped by my sucks teachers, hahaha. then i really felt mad with her of course, and stressed too (n). ah move on, i wanna tell you about my photo-creation using fake-fish eye-effect :D this is quite fun, but recommended for photos with suitable resolution. if your photo size too much large, its also kinda hard for do-edit, but if its too small (and damn blur too) it's also hard, choose photos resolution between 1000-2000 px ,then, my photos became damn funny, (i never try it before --") here, one of photos that's success using fake fish eye effect :p

do you seeing the effect? kinda funny, because it's FAKE, and i don't have any fish eye lens (n)

other factssss,
i found some of my old photos when i was in elementary school, hahahahaha, heem, anyway, i realleeeehh-realleeeehhh miss all of my bff when i was in elschool -__-" *hiks. hope i can meet them again, with all of theeeeeeeeeemmm :(

here some photos of us :
bhatara, julius, aldi, fae, and all, missyouuu xoxo :(

myself and laras; when student orientation in JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL

heheheheh, miss that 2 guys who are really funny and always makes me laugh :3
myself, when 1st grade of JUNIOR-HIGH-SCHOOL :)

HAHAHA, i think enough for now, because i want to sleep zzzzzzzzz, really2 sleepyyy, afternoon bloggies!

Dinda Sudibya