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ditha, love you :)
Monday, February 1, 2010 | 4:44 AM | 0 comments

sister, so proud of you ;) especially my best sista, DITHA. she's amazing, sometimes hot, and so hard to think that's she's cool. but, don't try to make her mad. hehehe. at least, she's so much fun, and i love to spending time w/ her. she's sometimes loyal, daring, and lovely *just in SOME time teeheeh*
she also my idol for the fashion. her style is so nice, and her choice for fashion always being the next trend, believe my words!
the one that's always makes me laugh is : people think she's so damn cool, lol. at real, she's really funny with her noisy and messy jokes, i love it damn much.
i love her, now and forever. thanks for being such a great pals in my home, thanks for always be there when i need you. thank you pretty baby.......me love ya! I'm your huge fans forever :*

she's adorable and always be my lovely :)

she loves stilettos, high heels, wedges, cause she's thin and short ROFL sorry

she adores fashion fuckin much. when i was ten, i think she can't live without fashion, and until now i still thinking like that about her. well, her fashion sense is fouroh thumbs up from me!
she loves cute things! such as cute wallpaper, nice pouch, cute mini bag, cupcakes, etcehh :3

she's hot and warm like chocolate milk for me :*

she HATES piyo, chicken, that still alive! and i often messed up her days without that jokes :p
she's gonna be a success doctor in the future! astungkare 0:)

like what the typo image said, none of her scars can make me love her less :*
that's all about her!

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