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Friday, May 28, 2010 | 6:48 AM | 0 comments

well rock outttt!! I'm back sugarpuff! err eh-emmm. i really forget about this blog (should i close this blog? uhuk-uhuk). THAT'S BECAUSE OF : TWITTER. you drive me nuts babes! shitty. twitter makes me waste my time :'(
and MY MARKS became bad! what a maze, huh. i hate it. and now i'm unwell. really.

i think i should deactivate my twitter account, but i know i can't. since using blackberry, i waste my time too much just for seeing the new notif in my BB. dammit! arggh. surely, better using Nokia than blackberry i think .__. i'm student. and need really really more time for study.

TWITTER, BLACKBERRY MESSENGER, and WTF IS IT, that's annoying, really! that's too fun. and hurt myself enough.
yeah. i'm disappointed w/ my final exam result -__- i know the teachers will give me the good marks for the report book. but yeah...i just want to feel...umm..like this: there's no one can disturb my school days, dinda you must focus, oh come on! you such a pretty liar dinda, you tell anyone for study, and then? you still tweeting 2 minutes ago.

yeah babes. i wanna quit. saying goodbye to my followers. saying goodbye to my timeline.
well, as you know, now i almost 9th grade in junior high school. i must study hard for pass the national exam. the exam for graduation, and so on. i know it's hard to saying goodbye for my best micro blogging partner, but, may i have choices? i don't think so *sigh :''(

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA stop it. i just wanna have fun.....don't be sad cause of it. being good student doesn't makes you become the success people dear *remember it*.
the people who can control their emotion, and also have the genius mind, will success. believe on it! :)

ah yeah, almost forget this one! I'M FALLIN IN LOVE WITH NEVER SHOUT NEVER. ah. what a crazy. Christofer Drew really-really handsome and cool, aw baby, his voice makes me crazy! *lovestruck*lovestruck* HA-HA-HA!!

finally, that's enough for now ya. see ya laterrrrrrrrrrr bloghearts. KISSKISS XOXO

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