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LAZY DAY, LAZY ASS, LAZYBONE, and whatsoever
Monday, June 21, 2010 | 10:41 PM | 0 comments

the girl above became emo in just a minute because of one doomsday and her world totally fucked up now - without good reasons. just 3 words: don't blame her

LAZY ASS! (-_-) ouyeeeaaa badass,lazyass,and whatsoevah! I wish i wasn't accused my sister for this one case... but i don't have any choice. Today was totally terrible. Messed up in everything, i know there's no more HARSH words to describe how bad my feeling now.
pathetic? really
badmood? oh don't ask me
lazy ass? here i come!
so baby.........please don't blame me if i use so MANY harsh words. it don't matter if i don't blame you rite? now i just need a cup of hot tea. and my mom beside me. please.

well. that's all. k'bye. i hate the time when i must get out from my comfort zone. that's suck. oh wait........kay. this is the real g'bye. BYEH!

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