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Fallin in love w Sunday
Sunday, September 5, 2010 | 1:46 AM | 1 comments

This is time for break, and time for get a cup of England's tea and some sweet and sour cookies...
Well actually I'm stuck in front of the computer, I've been wasting one hour and 30 minutes for browsing on the fuckin internet. All of the cool words on the top just happen on the fckn f-a-e-r-e-h-t-a-l-e -,-
Oho!! This is Sunday! THIS IS SUNDAY! TODAY IS SUNDAY! (oops, sorry for my freakin words. my mood always blows up if there's something about 'Sunday')
The smell of Sunday morning always being the greatest breakfast for me, nasi kuning or maybe chocolate, can't replace it♥
Lately, I'm in love with Sundaehhhhhhhhh! It's kinda weird. because before this shit happened, I hate Sunday more than i hate my bad hair day. I just don't know why. Sometimes on the Saturday night, my mind always thinking about the next Sunday, what will happen, n what will i do tomorrow. It's just become the weird habit for me -_____-

some photos for this day:

my name on the mini black board, lol so pedeeeee *jdenggggggg

me with rataya maliawan, one of my bestah. She's fussy. More than me ;)

with jeng shania, she's really funny, and i love her style, n also the way she walks!
enough for today. let's enjoy and have fun. i love you guys, with all of my heart!