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Totally J.E - Addicted!
Friday, April 15, 2011 | 11:47 PM | 0 comments

Hello my dear blog reader! Have a good day, just enjoy your day... cause this is Saturday ;)
well that's 1 week left for me to study for national examination.
....But hey i just can't deny what i want to write here.. kkkkk cause I've finished one of the best novel in this world! And i just wanna share you about Jane Eyre - A novel by Charlotte Bronte. And actually i don't have plan for this night... so here i am.. stuck on the front of computer teeheeh
Okhooo, well, Jane Eyre such a great story! If somebody tell me that Charlotte Bronte a kind of genius, yea that's true. She's amazing, and her words totally meaningful for me. I'm absolutely in love with Jane Eyre. Sweet, simple, and vintage. It's tell us about the love story of an orphan. I just can't describe how wonderful is it, the classic roman novel, kinda old but still sweeeeet sugar!

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