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Currently addicted with HANYUUUUU
Thursday, December 8, 2011 | 12:25 AM | 0 comments

i don't know why, but hanyu drives meee crazy! *this is not chinese, this is mandarin - hm apa bedanya ya.. ya pokoknya beda*
i can't give valuable reasons, but there's something that could make me stay up late just for learning hanyu, but i know i'm an amateur, and it's been 5months since i took a course) and i took the monday & saturday schedule! whoa, you know that in the monday i come from school in the 6:00 PM, and the course started in about 6:30, for the first time, this was totally made me exhausted..
i just don't know why i can't stop this activity.. even if it's sometimes bring me down (because i can't study / prepare for tomorrow's exam and i must stay up late for make my homework), i know that this is out of normal. y'guys should know that i was quite normal when i was in junior high, but when the freshman year came, the craziness started.. i rarely hanging out, i rarely playing games, and... start doing these craziness. there's no valuable reason for those crazy stuffs that i've been done!
oh, wait..
there's only one valuable reason; maybe i was there for make my parents proud. there's no word "someday", and i hope today, tomorrow, and whatever life brings, i could make my parents smile and talk to their friends "I'm proud of her. How gifted i am"
maybe... just that.

a simple and short dialogue :D

some songs lyrics, written in hanzi and pinyin.

my name written in the hanzi :D how lovelyyyy, my hanyu's name is su mei mei :)

i wish i could own one a dictionary like this. i should look up in online store, or SG D: