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dying without permission
Thursday, December 8, 2011 | 1:22 AM | 0 comments

yoooooooooooooo this is senior high! i love my friends, but honestly, i still can't find the comfortable place here, and still wondering how and what i'll do for surviving my life here for about 3 years? that's unanswered question :|
that's true, wake up dinda, welcome to senior high! forget the past for a while, or you might be hurted! well, drawing doodles in my hand was one of my favorite things to do when i'm bored as hell in the class :p


arjun (the class leader :p), gek ita, and me
and webcaming is my second favorite things when i feel "i do need something to get over those shitty assignments!"
and making doodles all over my pages and ruin all the books also my favorite things to do when i know there's nothing could help me to escape from the bad score, doomsday, and whatsoever.

life's good when it still morning. but in senior high, when the sun goes down, and when the days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, i'm messed up.
seeing lovely things in the school could boost my mood anyway :3

this is one of my mood's crusher. X.3's hell board. in every week we celebrate the hell day. it must be at least one day that filled up with some exams, if there's no exam in a week, it's just strange, and just tighten your belts, because that's mean in the next week, the hell board will be fully filled with exams :(

but, after i passed my first semester here, i just feel this way. (look at the picture above)

but still, i should be grateful.. My Lord blessed my life in his own way, and that's just enough to protect me from all of bad things that might happen in my life :)

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